How Do I contact 24/7 Gym Equipment to enquire about a delivery?

If you have attempted to contact the couriers in regards to your delivery and it has been more than 7 business days and they have been unable to provide a response. Please contact 24/7 Gym Equipment as we can open an investigation. Please note we will contact you once an update has been received. Delivery times are currently ranging from 2-14+ business days.

Can I be refunded delivery costs due to delays? 

Please note we cannot refund shipping costs due to delays as this is out of our control and information regarding delays is provided before placing an order. 

I purchased an item in the Showroom Seconds Sale, can I return the item?

Items purchased in our Showroom Seconds Sale are sold 'as is' and cannot be returned or refunded. The Showroom Seconds are not covered by warranty. 

If I order in stock items and pre order items on the same order when will they ship?

Typically if you order something that is pre order together with an in stock item they will ship together once the pre order item arrives. The price of shipping is calculated on the total weight and dimensions of the order being shipped in whole. 

If you would like your in stock item shipped first please contact us so we can provide you with a quote to part ship your order.  

Can I pick up my order if I'm in Sydney?

We currently do not offer pick ups.

 and our operating hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and on weekends we are closed.

How is freight calculated?

The cost of shipping is based on weight and the dimensions of the item. Large or bulky/heavy items tend to be shipped on a pallet to minimise freight costs.

The shipping price shown at checkout is based on an order being shipped complete with all items together. If you'd like to have in stock items shipped beforehand please contact us for an accurate quote.

Will my order be shipped all together or as stock arrives?

To keep shipping costs low we typically ship orders once complete. However if you would like to have part of your order shipped separately please contact us and we can organise a quote to ship separately. 

What does Estimated Time of Arrival mean?

Please note we provide estimated dates of arrival for our customers. The ETA can change if there is a delay in manufacturing, congestion at port or other factors that we will communicate. If you notice an ETA change, please contact us for more information. We do try to keep all customers up to date as much as we can, however if we do miss something, we are happy to speak with you and discuss the new arrival dates. 

The estimated arrival dates are for an early, mid or late arrival in regards to the month the item may be arriving. The ETA is to our ports and we classify the arrival dates as follows: 

- Early: 1st-10th 

- Mid: 11th-20th

- Late: 21st-31st

If the item states Arriving, without 'early, mid or late'. The item could arrive any day that month. We are mostly likely awaiting confirmation of the arrival date and will update the website as soon as this is received. If you need more information, please contact us.  

Why are your prices so low compared to other Australian fitness retailers?

You'd be surprised at the margins that some of our peers are making in the industry. When we started 24/7 Gym Equipment we set out to disrupt the industry with high quality product, FAIR prices all while giving great local support. We have the added advantage of buying in volume and stronger exchange rates in our favour. We also don't sell low quality products, which is why we offer a 7 day money back guarantee on all items.

Do you drop ship?

No we do not drop ship. All our stock is held in our warehouse and dispatched from there.

What is the difference between the olympic barbells and the elite olympic bars?

The olympic bars are ideal for bench, pressing and squatting and have a load capacity of 700lb's. Our olympic elite bars are better suited to olympic lifting as they have more flex and smoother rotating sleeves. This allows the lifter to get under the bar quickly without having to release their grip, they also have a maximum rating of 1500lb's weight capacity. 

What is the thickness of the steel on your racks?

The tube thickness of our racks varies between 65mm-75mm and the thickness of the steel varies between 2-4mm. 

 When will I receive my Made to Order Product?

Once you have purchased a Made to Order product online it will take anywhere between 22-24 weeks to receive your order as this is a 'Made to Order' product. If you are interested in a purchase, please contact us on enquiries@247gymequipment.com

 before making the order.