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20KG 7FT Olympic Barbell (500LB Capacity)

20KG 7FT Olympic Barbell (500LB Capacity)

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We truly believe this barbell is the BEST VALUE bar in Oz! This Olympic Barbell is designed for general training, has a bronze bushing in each collar, and no needle bearings. 

The bar is best suited for your standard lifts (deadlift, squat, bench). However if you're a heavy use Olympic lifter (snatch, clean and jerk) we suggest you look at one of our alternate bars that offer needle bearings in the collars, for more collar rotation.

Key Features

  • 2,200mm long (7.2ft) , with 415mm collar, and 1,310m inside sleeve.
  • Textured Grip, with powerlifting knurl marks.
  • Maintenance free design, with thickened copper sleeve.
  • 500lb capacity.

Olympic Barbell Standard. Key Specifications: 

Dimensions 2,200mm total bar, 415mm collars, 1,310mm sleeve
Product Weight 20KG
Knurl Powerlifting knurl marks
Shaft Finish Chrome
Shaft Diameter 28mm
Sleeve Diameter  50mm
Load Capacity 500 lb (226KG)