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Back Training Bars

Back Training Bars

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Back Training Bars - Set 

Back training has never been easier! Our New Back Training Bars can be used in a variety of ways to train specific muscle groups in your back. The textured grip means no slipping and much more accurate and specific targeting of muscles. The multi-grip design allows for seated rows, lat pull-down, and much more. 

Our handles are slip-resistant with a skin-safe coating making it easier to lift heavy without ripping or tearing your hands. Offering more stability and control over lifts, our training bars encourage consistency and progression with all levels of training!

  • These Back Training Bar Tools are ideal for a variety of exercises, with the help of this tool to enhance your triceps, back, and shoulder muscles. They are specially designed with a simple and easy-to-use structure.

  • This Back Training Bar Set is widely used in commercial gyms and fits most exercise equipment. It helps you expand your range of exercises and maximize the effectiveness of workouts.


  • Extra Wide Grip 
  • Neutral Wide Grip 
  • Neutral Mid Grip 
  • Close Grip Pronate 
  • Close Grip Supinate