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Beast Rack Shelf Attachment (Adjustable)

Beast Rack Shelf Attachment (Adjustable)

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Our  Beast modular shelving is a solid option for storing all of your dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls and more!

Our 2 types of  Beast Shelves can be adjusted to 2 different angles, and are reversible to either have a lip or no lip. For instance, you may have one row of shelving at 30 degrees with a lip for your dumbbells, and another set of shelving that is flat, with no lip, for your kettlebells. 

We've configured four sets of shelving on our beast, but five sets can also work with a more narrow placement. With an 18KG frame and one-inch bolts to match, each shelf can comfortably hold 250KGsIncrease quantity of item to add extra levels of shelving!

PLEASE NOTE: Price listed is for ONE shelf ONLY

We have provided 2 options to choose from:

Short Shelves - To place in between centre uprights and trainers. To Keep the centre rack clean.

Long Shelves - To place between the centre rack uprights.