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Calibrated Competition (IWF) Olympic Bumper Plate Pairs

Calibrated Competition (IWF) Olympic Bumper Plate Pairs

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We are SUPER excited to finally launch our new  IWF Spec Calibrated Competition Bumper Plates!!
We've upgraded from the typical training competition plates to CALIBRATED competition plates offering that extra bit of variety and giving you a taste of the real competition!
  • Thinner profile:
    • The steel inner ring, means the profile of the weights is thinner, and you can load more weight onto a barbell.
    • Plate Width 25KG: 63mm, 20KG: 52mm, 15KG: 42mm, 10KG: 32mm, 5KG: 24mm
  • Tighter weight tolerance (the actual weight vs. stated weight):
    • Plates have a maximum +/- 10 grams weight tolerance. Our standard bumper plates have a 3% weight tolerance.
  • Dead Bounce:
    • Much less of a bounce back if plates are dropped from overhead
    • Clear weight size identification in IWF standard colours
    • Same 51mm diameter holes suitable for all olympic and specialty barbells listed on our website 


  • Diameter: 450MM / 17.72" (IWF Standard)
  • Collar Opening: 50.40MM
  • 100% virgin rubber
  • Insert Type: Steel Disc, Zinc Plated
  • Protective Rubber Flanges
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 10 grams of claimed weight
  • Minimal Bounce    
10KG (Green) - 15KG (Yellow) - 20KG (Blue) - 25KG (Red)


6 months manufacturing warranty for Bumper Plates (Excluding 5KG). Surface scratches on Bumper Plates and normal wear and tear are ruled out.

Bumper plates should only be used on soft projecting surfaces such as rubber flooring and not be used on hard surfaces such as concrete.