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Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast Iron Kettlebells

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Our Cast Iron Kettlebells are extremely durable, designed with COLOUR CODED rings to easily distinguish weight categories, and are covered with a beautiful black powder-coated finish!

Perfect for callisthenics training, HIIT workouts and overall toning, our Cast Iron Kettlebells are ideal for any user, are easy to store and are a great addition to help with diversifying any workout. Use our  Cast Iron Kettlebells for both conditioning and strength-based workouts including kettlebell swings, squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, presses, snatches, and more.

Choose from our top of the range Kettlebells ranging from 4KG all the way up to 32KG to tone your body and increase your muscle strength TODAY!

Key Features:

  • Single cast, ensuring a stronger finish.
  • Colour coded rings to distinguish weight sizes.
  • +-3% weight tolerance.
  • Flat and sturdy base.