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Commercial Jammer Arms

Commercial Jammer Arms

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Jammer Arms for 75mm x 75mm tubing

Add the convenience of multiple exercises using the same piece of equipment with our Jammer Arms. From Bench Presses to Shoulder Shrugs to Lunges, these easily attachable and detachable pieces of equipment help in optimising any workout with assisting in the flexibility to preform a variety of exercises!

Perform all push and pull movements with added safety by using the Jammer Arms in your training regime whilst you're able to attach weights or bands to add resistance. They are height adjustable and are easily adjusted by removing a single pin mechanism.

Perfect for all levels of trainees from beginners looking for safety and correct form to athletes training in explosive power or rehabilitation. 

Suitable for all 24/7 Gym Equipment Racks with 75x75x3mm tubing.