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Olympic Hex / Trap / Shrug / Deadlift Barbell

Olympic Hex / Trap / Shrug / Deadlift Barbell

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This bar has been designed to reduce tension on the lumbar spine, whilst also developing lower body power. The frame surrounds your body as you lift, allowing for a much more neutral deadlift position.

Allowing for a number of variations from squats to traditional deadlifts, our Olympic Trap Bar provides ultimate comfort and has been designed for a snug fit allowing for an ultimate full body workout. A staple in any gym!

Key Features:

  • 142cm long, and 55cm wide.
  • Olympic sized collars. Suitable for the bumper plates we retail.
  • Two handle levels. Standard grip and 80mm elevated handles.

Olympic Barbell Standard. Key Specifications: 

Dimensions 1420mm long, 550mm wide
Product Weight 22KG
Knurl Textured grip, with powerlifting knurl marks
Shaft Finish Chrome or Black
Shaft Diameter 25mm
Sleeve Diameter  50mm
Load Capacity (250KG)


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