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Parallel Landmine Barbell Attachment

Parallel Landmine Barbell Attachment

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Due to popular customer demands, we are happy to introduce our new V Bar Barbell Attachment with a comfortable and thick grip. Its heavy-duty design ensures a lifetime lifespan as all tubings are solid steel and constructed with the strongest grade material. 

The Perfect attachment for your barbell rows whether it be at home, at the park, or in the gym. All V Bar Barbell attachments come in black and will sell out very quickly.

Compatible with all Olympic sized barbells, simply slide on the attachment through one end to perform an assortment of pulling movements. Perform exercises with maximal strength and minimal discomfort. 

The handles also come with a textured grip to prevent slipping during high intensity exercises. 

Parallel Landmine Handle

Overall Dimensions: 195W x 370L x 400H(mm)

Weight Capacity: 100kg

Weight: 3kg

Finish: High Quality electrostatic powder coat Metallic black finish.

Frame Protection: High density PVC foot guards.


  • 6 months on frame not including coating.
  • 6 months on upholstery, grips and others not listed.