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20KG Elite Olympic Power Barbell (2000LB Capacity)

20KG Elite Olympic Power Barbell (2000LB Capacity)

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Our 2,000LB capacity barbell is designed for some seriously HEAVY lifting with the ability to hold an incredible amount of weight!

Designed for competition-style lifts, this barbell has a much smoother knurling compared to a standard barbell.

Able to handle any demand, if you're looking to lift some serious weight with squats and deadlifts, then this power bar is for you.


  • Centre Knurl 
  • Powerlifting Knurl
  • Textured Grip 
  • 2,000 pound load capacity 

 Key Specifications:

Length 220cm
Sleeve Length  45cm 
Textured Grip Yes
Weight 20kg
Load Capacity  2000pound/907kg
Rated Strength  210,000 PSI
Finish Chrome
Shaft Diameter 29mm