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Adjustable Combo Rack

Adjustable Combo Rack

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In line with our ambition to make HIGH QUALITY gym equipment more accessible in Australia, we're pleased to launch our Combo Rack! The perfect companion for any lifter! 

Key Features:

  • Simulate the competition feel: 25mm hole spacing on the uprights also provides the flexibility for lifters of all heights
  • Simple Transition: 2 in 1 bench and squat uprights allow for fast and simple transitioning from bench to squat
  • Heavy Duty Frame: 11 gauge steel, weighing in at 141KG
  • Dimensions: L: 2,080mm x  W: 1,670mm, x H 1,350mm
  • Modular: Easily detachable competition bench

  • Adjustment Levers: Adjust the height of the bar in seconds, without lifting the weight directly. Let the adjustment levers do the work!