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HMC Commercial Incline Bench with Plate holders

HMC Commercial Incline Bench with Plate holders

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The HMC Commercial Incline Bench with Plate Holders highlights a modern styling and a space-efficient design. Made of high-quality materials, this bench is set to rock the market whether it's a commercial or a home gym addition, its value and versatility won't be beaten.

The HMC Commercial Incline Bench provides a safe angle during your practice and is joint-friendly for your shoulders. Incorporate a barbell to build upper strength and toned muscles. The diamond steel spotter platform provides safety and functions to encourage users to push themselves harder or have a buddy stand by. Push beyond your limits!

This Commercial Incline Bench with Plate holder has an adjustable seat with an easy knob adjustment system. Four Olympic plate storage horns and a foot holder for stability during work.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have purchased this product online it will take between 22-24 weeks to receive your order as this is a 'Made to Order' product.


Dimensions 1885*1640*1395(mm)
Weight 101kg