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Tricep Bar

Tricep Bar

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Our  Tricep Bar has parallel hand grips allowing for less restriction in your wrists when performing tricep exercises. If you've ever done tricep extensions or skull crushers with a horizontal bar, you'll understand the benefit of the added mobility from having your hands positioned vertically and not horizontally.

The bar is made from solid steel with a chrome finish for durable, long-lasting performance as well as rubber knurling for a comfortable, non-slip, and tight grip. 

The hand grips are made of knurled rubber for a non-slip grip, with collars to secure weights when performing exercises. Our tricep bars offer neutral grips that allow a tighter more compact grip when performing curls and extensions, providing more comfort with the ability to increase the amount of weight used when lifting, and more controlled movements.

Use this bar to target the triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

 Key features

Dimensions 860mm width
Grip Width
25mm grip width
Knurl On center grips
Finish Chrome 
Sleeve Diameter  50mm (Olympic)
Load Capacity 500 lb